Jonathan Hopfner | March 20th, 2023

It may not be possible to demonstrate our gratitude to all the people who have played a role in N/N’s journey from zero to 10, or to capture what got us here, in one single evening. But that certainly didn’t prevent us from trying.

As well as marking the beginning of our next decade, our March 16 celebration was special for several other reasons. It was our first such event since the onset of the pandemic, and came at a time when, after several very difficult years, our home city of Hong Kong seems to be recapturing a degree of its characteristic dynamism. We were finally able to welcome some colleagues and clients based in other locations, in some cases meeting them for the first time in person. And it also served as something of a sendoff for several members of the team that are poised to move on our behalf to pastures new (more on that later).

Held at the elegant Porterhouse restaurant and bar in the heart of Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong entertainment district, the party was joined by clients and partners from throughout the Hong Kong and regional marketing and communications communities, as well as a sizeable contingent of former colleagues and friends from N/N itself and the industries that forged many of us – journalism, financial services and technology.

Needless to say this eclectic mix resulted in a lively few hours further fueled by excellent food, drink, and all-around good cheer. There was even an on-site photo booth to help guests immortalise some of the highlights, aided by a very silly selection of props.

Those highlights included candid remarks from N/N founder Joseph Chaney, who proved the road to success has by no means always been smooth by sharing an anecdote about the time we got a client name wrong on a crucial contract; and from global commercial director Katrina Oropel, who commented on her experiences as the leader directly responsible for ensuring we never, ever do something like that again. This was followed by a special video in which members of the team weighed in on what defines the company for them, from diversity to an ironclad commitment to quality, and their hopes for N/N’s future.

While experience has taught us not to speculate what the next 10 years will bring, one clear theme that emerged from the evening was our growing internationalisation, which will soon be accelerated by the opening of an office in, and impending relocation of several team members to, London, adding to existing locations in Singapore and New York.

We couldn’t have imagined any of this when we registered the company in Hong Kong in 2013, and wouldn’t be where we are now without the clients, team members and countless other supporters, current and former, that we’ve been so privileged to work with and know over the last decade. To all of you, our heartfelt thanks – and here’s to the decade ahead.

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