Mohamed Abdelbaki | November 14th, 2023

HONG KONG/LONDON, 14 November 2023 – New Narrative, a leading B2B content and communications consultancy, today announced the launch of its new AI-powered suite of content consulting services, collectively labelled iN/Ntelligence.

The iN/Ntelligence platform, built by New Narrative, combines licensed AI technology with the team’s decades of content expertise to deliver data-driven recommendations and advisory.

iN/Ntelligence searches through a licensed AI-powered database of over 70,000 news and media sources to search for and assess evolving narrative trends. When combined with the deep editorial expertise of N/N analysts, iN/Ntelligence advisory services can deliver detailed thematic and competitor analysis, track and assess high-impact topics and provide tailored content insights.

iN/Ntelligence launches with four customisable advisory services, each designed to help clients communicate with impact and influence any audience, on any topic:

  • Executive Dispatch - News & media monitoring: A concise briefing that provides a snapshot of the crucial coverage on subjects of primary interest.
  • Impact Insights - Content strategy advisory: content strategy development and performance assessment, tailored to specific audience groups.
  • Competitor Watch - Targeted competitive analysis: regular updates on the publishing and communications activities of chosen competitors, in any sector.
  • Narrative Tracker - Detailed thematic analysis: to track broad issues and detailed subtopics that drive conversations among focused audiences.

Mohamed Abedelbaki, Head of Data Insights, said: “iN/Ntelligence is designed to help marketers, C-suite executives and anyone looking to lead conversations in hard-to-impress audiences. We combine the best of AI, to help interrogate thousands of sources, with our team’s unrivalled editorial acumen to deliver tailored and targeted results that help you reach and influence your audience.”

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