Jordan Braz | May 11th, 2015

For media companies and other creators of content, it's one of the oldest debates in the book -- is it better to specialise, or appeal to as wide an audience as possible?

According to a fine article by the new-age marketing gurus at Digiday ( the answer is, well ... a bit of both. At least if you're The Wall Street Journal, which is determined to keep its coverage broad, but simultaneously investing heavily to zero in on 'niche' industries like logistics. While not without risks, it's a solid strategy to play that runs counter to the wider industry trend of publishers constantly expanding reportage to ensnare as wide an audience as possible -- sometimes burning through a lot of resources and alienating people in the process. Something to keep in mind here though -- first, the 'niche' areas the WSJ is targeting aren't exactly of the 'molecular physics' or 'animal husbandry' variety. Logistics for example is a $4 trillion industry home to some of the biggest companies in the world; plenty of ripe marketing possibilities there. So perhaps the trick is to not only balance some degree of mass appeal and subject-level expertise, but to choose the fields you specialise in carefully.

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