Our services span every stage of the process needed to execute world-class thought leadership campaigns that advance commercial goals, drive meaningful conversations and stake out new intellectual territory.

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We help clients craft everything from distinctive and compelling thought leadership campaigns and specialised research reports, to thought-provoking editorials and arresting multimedia content—all with an unerring dedication to clarity, originality and impact.


Pre-campaign strategy

Drawing on deep media and marketing expertise, and grounded in rigorous, data-driven analysis of the content landscape, we develop value propositions and editorial roadmaps that ensure our clients run high-impact campaigns that enhance brand identity and meet their commercial goals.

Capability assessment and development
Competitive thought leadership analysis
Messaging and value proposition development
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Post-campaign performance

To gauge the ROI of thought leadership its impact must be measured. Using our proprietary SPECS and CARDIO content performance and assessment frameworks, we use data-driven analysis to quantify each campaign's reach and influence. Find out more about our SPECS & CARDIO methodology here.

KPI tracking and benchmarking
Content performance measurement
Social listening, SEO and impact assessment
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Consistent messaging

Timely and consistent communication to all stakeholders – employees, investors, regulators and the media – is crucial for every business. We craft key messages around major financial transactions, unexpected events and crises, and ESG performance, analysing every issue from multiple angles to preserve brand integrity.

Transaction messaging
Stakeholder & crisis communication
ESG performance messaging
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Agenda-setting thought leadership

Our editorial services span every stage of the process needed to create and distribute truly distinctive and impactful thought leadership, from long-form multimedia campaigns to agenda-setting reports.

White papers
Website content
Video and podcast series
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Custom research and intellectual property

We deliver custom research projects, from industry-leading surveys to original indexes, on topics where credible and rigorous methodology is required to carve out points of view – from digital assets to behavioural finance to shifting ESG standards.

Survey design, execution and data analysis
Index design and construction
Custom research reports
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Business-critical content

We help our clients produce and publish a wide range of content needed to keep stakeholders informed and engaged – from investor relations materials to press releases and sustainability updates – at high volume and to exacting, world-class standards.

Articles, blogs and op-eds
Press releases
Social media content
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World-class content strategy and execution

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