Your clients are hard to reach, and even harder to impress.

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Which is why what you say is crucial. In a world drowning in content, only the select few who demonstrate distinct knowledge, expertise and capabilities can be confident what they publish will drive business and inform decisions.

Creating an institutional foundation for insights

When uncertainty reigns, what your clients and other stakeholders value above all is actionable intelligence. Drawing on our team’s extensive experience in specialised processes like developing survey questionnaires and data analysis, we create custom research on behalf of our clients that pushes into uncharted intellectual territory to identify emerging trends in fields from finance to technology and healthcare.

We not only construct authoritative surveys and indexes from the ground up, but parse the data that emerges to zero in on findings that serve as the basis for compelling thought leadership campaigns, exploring, showcasing and amplifying new information in a variety of ways to connect with different stakeholders in the optimal way.

We excel at:

  • Survey design and execution - Developing questionnaires, overseeing fieldwork and analysing data to deliver new insights on complex economic, policy and sustainability trends
  • Index construction - Combining disparate data sources to create new metrics and reference points that lay the groundwork for ongoing multimedia campaigns and organic media engagement
  • Targeted research reports - Conducting in-depth research and synthesising findings from a variety of sources to create an original and insightful resource on a specific topic
  • Co-branded reports - By joining forces with organizations looking to advance the conversation on topics of mutual interest, we ensure their publications benefit from our research and editorial quality control processes, contributing to their credibility

World-class content strategy and execution

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