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The client wanted to update their core messaging framework and value proposition to reflect the company’s transformation from a leading provider of credit ratings to a multinational financial information services firm, following a series of acquisitions.


New Narrative was engaged to compose a unified messaging framework that accurately communicated the value offered by the client and its subsidiaries as a whole. We also crafted language that highlighted the merits of each corporate entity under the parent company and explained how these units help the client stand out from the competition.


The client's senior management team fully supported the new value propositions, judging that they accurately captured the essence of their vision for the company. This enabled the marketing team to use the revised messaging frameworks as a foundation for future marketing and sales campaigns.


The project required crafting a set of messages that would need us to establish the cohesive and interconnected nature of the client’s range of businesses, while simultaneously highlighting their individual value propositions. To achieve this, N/N's editorial team engaged with the client from strategy and ideation through to delivery.

We first worked with the company’s marketing team to understand their goals and desired outcomes. Then our analysts reviewed the existing messaging framework, which lacked the nuance to represent the the enhanced value-add the company brings to clients’ workflows and processes. We then analysed the results of client surveys conducted by the company, as well as their sales teams’ informal feedback on client pain points, as well as the messaging styles of various competitors, to find ways to help our client better differentiate their offerings.

We then conducted a series of interviews with leaders of the parent company and its subsidiaries, as well as key department heads. These conversations were designed to be detailed so as to better understand the nuances of their products and services, their perception in the market, key differentiators and future priorities.

Following these in-depth discussions, we composed the overall core messaging for the company as well as a series of short and punchy value propositions that capture the essence of each of subsidiary firm. These were accompanied by proof points: concrete examples supporting the ideas in the key messages.

From a project management standpoint - given the assignment's scale and breadth and the highly subjective nature of the deliverables - we designed a plan with staggered deadlines that included regular check-ins to provide all stakeholders the opportunity to contribute their thoughts on every draft, and to ensure expectations were met and there was clarity on next steps.

N/N's methodical and detail-oriented approach ultimately led to a messaging framework and value proposition that the client recognised as immediately applicable, adaptable, and long-lasting.

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