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An APAC-based multinational bank wanted to create topical content around its yearly flagship conference in Singapore to extend the event’s reach and lifespan.


Building on our experience of successfully executing similar projects for the client in years past, New Narrative's (N/N) editorial team produced a variety of content, first to generate buzz in the days leading up to the event and, following its conclusion, turned thought-provoking discussions arising from the day’s panels into shareable content for the bank’s digital marketing channels.


The deliverables resonated well with the client's audience with the infographics in particular receiving high levels of engagement on LinkedIn and the post-event articles – tailored to focus on practical insights relevant to the bank’s clientele – duly conveying the essence of the panel discussions.


The bank approached N/N as they needed a content partner with on-the-ground capability in Singapore, expertise writing for their intended audience, and familiarity with the bank’s branding and messaging styles.

An initial consultation with the client's marketing and communications teams helped to understand the objectives, agenda and content plan for the latest edition of the conference. Drawing on inputs from this interaction and N/N’s experience delivering content around other high-profile events for the client, we recommended several pertinent topics to be covered in different formats, including infographics, teaser reels and highlight videos, and pre- and post-event articles.

In the weeks leading up to the event, we coordinated with the bank’s marketing team to convert shortlisted topics into on-brand content pieces as per the campaign timeline. We also deployed a member of the editorial team to cover the event in person and capture first-hand insights from the panel discussions and presentations featuring senior executives from the bank, experts in corporate treasury and fintech, and policymakers.

After the event, N/N put together a comprehensive coverage proposal in line with the marketing and communications teams’ requirements. The selected pitches were subsequently produced and published as part of the bank’s broader marketing campaign.

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