Mohamed Abdelbaki | March 31st, 2021

New Narrative Ltd. (N/N) is pleased to announce the launch of “SPECS” and “CARDIO”, its proprietary digital evaluation and content quality benchmarking tools, developed with the needs of global marketing executives in mind.

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SPECS incorporates N/N’s data insights capabilities and content expertise, empowering marketing and business executives with a comprehensive benchmarking tool that shows how individual elements of their content marketing strategy contribute to their overall marketing performance and return on investment.

SPECS includes five areas of benchmark analysis:

  1. Searchability: Is your website and content optimised for search engines and organic discovery?
  2. Performance: How well are you acquiring and retaining customers? Is your content engaging the right audience?
  3. Earned: Is your content gaining recognition and generating earned media such as mentions and backlinks?
  4. Content Contribution: How is your content performing online? Is it attracting and engaging your target audience?
  5. Social & Promotion: How is social media contributing to your marketing objectives? Are you amplifying your content effectively?

Analysis of these factors, in comparison with industry competitors, is distilled into a concise report with actionable insights.


CARDIO is N/N's qualitative content quality ranking methodology. CARDIO analysis allows you to benchmark the impact, authority and calibre of your thought leadership content. Applying our deep editorial experience in a rigorous and standardised approach yields insights into the impact of your content on discerning professional audiences.

  1. Consideration: Is your content presentation attuned to the needs of a time-poor, discerning audience?
  2. Accessibility: Does your editorial approach maximise the intelligibility and impact of your thought leadership material?
  3. Relevance: Is your content addressing timely issues of crucial concern to the target audience?
  4. Data viz: Does your approach to presentation of data maximise clarity and insight?
  5. Insight: Does your content lead to useful insights, with clear and practical advice and compelling calls to action?
  6. Originality: Is your content truly novel? Does it reveal new ideas that will pique the interest of hard-to-impress audiences?


Our unique data capabilities, forgoing the need for internal systems access and troublesome internal IT and compliance hurdles, and factoring in analysis of previously unattainable competitor data, allows you to focus on areas in need of urgent attention to maximise content marketing ROI.

For more information on how SPECS & CARDIO analysis could help you, please contact our Head of Data Insights, Mohamed Abdelbaki.

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