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A global technology consultancy was aiming to raise awareness of, and prompt action on, the environmental, social and governance impacts of the digital solutions more companies are racing to build and deploy post-pandemic.


Working closely with frontline software developers, senior management, and the sustainability and marketing teams, N/N helped plan, structure and create a comprehensive guide for both technologists and business leaders aiming to incorporate sustainability considerations into their technology plans and projects.


A targeted, visually dynamic e-book that highlights the critical and fast-developing links between technology and companies’ ESG goals, succinctly capturing cutting-edge structures and practices that provide clear paths to building and deploying safer, greener and more ethical technology solutions, and helping establish the client as a leading voice on a new industry priority.

What we did:

Approached by the client with the initial plans and draft content for the publication, we drew on our deep experience with sustainability-focused campaigns to refine and reframe often highly technical information in a way that enhanced its appeal and accessibility to a broader senior executive audience, while ensuring it remained relevant to teams building software and applications.

Based on extensive desk research and a series of in-depth discussions with client representatives from a range of functions, we developed and implemented recommendations that included an entirely new structure, flow and visuals for the e-book to boost comprehension and engagement. We incorporated arresting data from a range of respected sources to illustrate the urgent need for companies to take action on technology-related sustainability issues; summarised complex tools and processes in a way that they could be easily grasped and implemented by project teams; and developed flow charts and other graphics to aid navigation and decision-making for the publication’s readership. We also distilled conversations with client experts into elegant, inspiring and at times provocative articles and quotes that were woven throughout the text, to reinforce the company’s commitment to and capabilities in the cause of sustainable tech.

The publication has quickly become recognised as the preeminent source on a still nascent topic, reaching a wide audience across industries and serving as the basis for a series of high-profile events. It also proved a highly effective lead generation tool and conversation-starter for the client’s commercial team. The success of the e-book provided the foundation for a broad, ambitious and ongoing content campaign exploring the sustainability aspects of technology, including articles, multimedia content and podcasts covering topics from greener cloud computing, to the importance of data privacy.

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