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Our client, a global cryptocurrency exchange, faced the challenge of reassuring its clients and prospects after a turbulent year while demonstrating its perspicacity, trustworthiness and cutting-edge analytical capabilities.


Having worked with New Narrative to publish a predictions paper at the start of 2022 – at the peak of the crypto asset boom – the client approached us for the second year running to support them in thought-leadership outreach in a time of much greater scrutiny of their business and prospects. In response, N/N first assessed the exchange’s list of predictions and helped frame them as scenarios, with probability estimates, to give crypto investors actionable advice on how to respond no matter how market conditions evolved.


The paper, which outlined three potential scenarios that could play out in the crypto space over the course of 2023, was published on our client’s website and distributed through various channels. It went on to attract considerable media attention, was referenced by various trade publications, and led to enhanced visibility for our client and their senior leadership.

A number of the paper’s insights have proven prescient in the weeks since it was published, demonstrating the client’s deep understanding of the industry and the pulse of the cryptocurrency market.

What we did

N/N’s senior editors, working closely with the client’s marketing and communications team, conceptualised a paper that would cover three possible scenarios: a full market recovery driven by a reversal in rate hikes, stagflation brought on by persistent rate hikes in the face of stalling growth, and cryptocurrencies becoming a safer asset class, thanks to industry innovations and sensible regulations – amid the fallout from the events of 2022.

N/N conducted a series of one-on-one interviews with the client’s leadership and other in-house subject-matter experts to gather their views on each scenario. As part of the drafting process, our editorial team conducted rigorous research, including at webinars hosted by the client on cryptos and the global macroeconomic environment, and through a comprehensive review of reports from multiple media houses, trade publications and industry watchers.

The end product eschewed a crystal-ball gazing approach for one that would allow our client to express their views in the form of honest, nuanced and informed arguments that investors and other stakeholders, as well as a global audience of the crypto-curious, could truly benefit from.

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