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A multinational consultancy wanted to win more business in Japan by burnishing its reputation among senior decision makers in Japanese financial services firms.


Creating regular, credible and authoritative blog content in Japanese, focused on issues and solutions of direct interest to the target audience.


Having consistently lagged the consultant’s global (English) financial services content in most metrics, the new blog series led to a steady increase in engagement on the Japanese site. Its metrics are now comparable to the firm's best English-language sites, while the enhanced profile of the consultant’s experts in Japan has helped it cement existing client relationships and develop new ones.


We worked directly with the consultant’s marketing team in Tokyo to develop a modus operandi for producing a regular content series in Japanese, based on in-person interviews with experts unused to publishing and initially sceptical of the level of quality available from third-party content producers.

Previous engagements with other suppliers (i.e. freelancers) had led to substandard content for two reasons: writing professional-standard Japanese is hard enough, but the topics – technology and its application in financial services – required a deep understanding of the sector and familiarity with its recondite vocabulary.

As a result, much of the content the Japan team used was translated and recycled from English, which meant its applicability to Japan was minimal. Our content was different. The engagement metrics our blogs earned quickly demonstrated our team’s expertise and proficiency, and the power of targeted, professional-standard content that speaks directly to the target audience.

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