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The challenge

To create a comprehensive thought leadership campaign that increased audience reach and extended the life of original research.

The solution

We worked as part of a multi-agency team to identify key storylines and produce a series of written and visual content.

The outcome

A strategic refresh and reinvigoration of a long-running campaign that underpinned strategic marketing efforts across 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

What we did

A multinational insurance company engaged us to provide editorial consultancy and content creation for a 16-market survey that tracks the lifestyles and habits of thousands of participants across the Asia-Pacific region.

While this was not the first time the company had published the survey, for this iteration it wanted to create a comprehensive thought leadership campaign to maximise its reach and longevity.

Our role included working with the insurance company and its research house to review and revise the survey questions, and decide the key editorial themes.

Based on the key findings from the survey, we created a series of deliverables including thought leadership blogs, scripts for animated videos, regional press releases and social media posts.

In addition, we were responsible for editing and revising the main survey white paper, regional infographics, country-level press releases, media decks and market reports.

By identifying key storylines and using them to develop a comprehensive thought leadership campaign, the insurance company ensured that the narrative around its survey findings supported its strategic goals, and that it delivered a suite of content that enhanced its localised marketing efforts across 16 countries.

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