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The Challenge

DaXtra Technologies, a UK-based global innovator in recruitment management software, wanted to make a definitive statement on the future trajectory of its industry.

The Solution

Researching, writing and designing a co-branded briefing paper.

The Outcome

The paper is seen as an authoritative piece of industry thought leadership, reaffirming DaXtra Technologies’ position as a pioneer in its field, and empowering readers with the information they need to make informed software purchasing decisions.

What we did

We worked with DaXtra Technologies’ executive teams in London and Hong Kong to address all aspects of the project, which was aimed at clients including recruitment agencies and HR departments.

Central to this process was ensuring that the briefing paper dealt with industry issues with insight and sufficient depth, did so in a jargon-free manner, and offered clients valuable insights into where the industry is headed. Additionally, it covered what they should assess when choosing recruitment management software, or RecTech.

We advised on key data points from both primary and third-party sources that supported assertions made in the paper, and devised its final design in accordance with the client’s brand guidelines.

The final paper offers clear solutions to an industry that is experiencing growing pains, burdened by fragmentation and a lack of clarity about what’s on offer, in which potential buyers are often unsure which software solutions will best address their needs.


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