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In preparation for a year-long content marketing campaign, a global education company wanted to better understand how various customer segments across seven Asian markets research academic and educational services online.


Conduct keyword research across seven Asian markets for five product segments and present our insights and recommended keywords – classified by difficulty levels and mapped to different stages of the customer journey.


Our client developed a stronger understanding of its target audience, and used our keyword recommendations to maximise the visibility and impact of its publishing efforts.


After analysing the company’s product segments, target audience and competitive landscape, we developed a map of current keyword rankings for the client and its top competitors in seven Asian markets, establishing benchmarks and identifying keyword gaps.

We examined trends in search volumes over a one-year period, identifying seasonal trends when consumer demand is at its highest. Ultimately, search volumes were used as indicators of demand, identifying which of the seven markets had the highest potential for the client’s growth aspirations.

Drilling deeper, we also identified segments of the client’s target audience based on their professional backgrounds – and employed a data-driven approach to illustrate why those audience segments are the most likely buyers of the client’s academic services.

Finally, the results of our research informed the development of a detailed campaign strategy and content calendar, helping the client reach its target audience with agenda-setting content that showcases the company’s academic, assessment and qualification expertise and services, while also ensuring maximum online visibility.

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