With a remit to promote and advance sustainability in the Moroccan textile industry, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of The World Bank Group, wanted to engage with key decision makers across the supply chain, from industry leaders to buyers and government officials.


The IFC engaged New Narrative to research and develop a thought leadership report on circularity in the textiles and apparel industry, and how Morocco could benefit by meeting the evolving sustainability demands of buyers and consumers in key markets.


IFC published the report in both English and French and distributed it to attendees of a high-profile industry event. It gained significant media coverage from local and global industry sources, generating conversation and subsequent action among key stakeholders at the highest levels.

What we did

IFC wanted a thought leadership partner with world-class research and editorial skills, and approached New Narrative with this in mind. As a first step, N/N project leaders consulted IFC stakeholders on the target audience and intended outcomes of the research.

We conducted detailed thematic research to determine the scope of current thinking on the issue of circularity in textiles production – particularly downstream in the supply chain – and how changing consumer and regulatory demands would affect Moroccan manufacturers.

The research was twofold: N/N editors, working across multiple languages, used proprietary and licensed data tools to analyse evolving conversations on the issue among industry leaders and regulators, and in trade press, local and international news, and digital platforms. N/N’s senior editors then conducted detailed background and interview-based research with industry stakeholders in key markets.

Before writing the report, N/N presented the results of its thematic research and in collaboration with IFC determined the most impactful means to reach the target audience. We then wrote a rigorously researched and compelling white paper on the issue, including input from industry leaders and regulators and a variety of data sources, which IFC published and distributed both online and at in-person events.

The result was to generate high-level discussion of the importance of embedding circularity in Morocco’s textile manufacturing sector in order to secure the future of the industry. The research is a crucial part of the IFC’s ultimate goal of helping Moroccan companies remain competitive as the textiles market evolves to meet more stringent regulatory and consumer demands for sustainability.

Thematic Review: Circularity and Morocco’s Textile Industry [PDF]

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