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A leading asset manager wanted to reach high-net-worth investors in select Asia-Pacific markets and reinforce perceptions of its expertise in a period of heightened volatility and uncertainty.


N/N first conducted an audit of content produced by key competitors, before designing and fielding a unique, repeatable survey of high-net worth investors, the results of which underpin an ongoing thought leadership and investor education campaign.


The client has built a market-leading intellectual property that enables it to gather robust leads from hard-to-reach audiences, while earning high-profile media coverage and bolstering its investor-education credentials.

What we did:

N/N first sought to understand the thought leadership landscape on topics like asset allocation, behavioural finance and investment decision-making.

Having done so, we designed an incisive survey that we knew would deliver three crucial components of a high-impact campaign:

  • Results had to be credible and targeted towards specific markets, to enable the collection of high-quality content-qualified leads;
  • They had to deliver unique insights about investor sentiment that would make the client stand out among its peers;
  • They survey should be designed such that when repeated, it would deliver noteworthy time-series data that would maximise the likelihood of earned media pickup.

After overseeing every step of the fieldwork process, N/N then analysed a mountain of data from the surveys to produce compelling thought leadership properties that outperformed on every client KPI.

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