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A US-based investment manager wanted to publish a series of articles on exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in a leading Asia-focused trade publication to connect with institutional investors in Hong Kong and Singapore, and other key regional markets.


Creating bylined articles at regular intervals based on in-depth interviews with subject matter experts and extensive desk research to showcase the asset manager’s expertise on a range of topics, including China’s bond market, thematic investing and ESG ETFs.


Bespoke content that highlighted the investment manager’s expertise and reach across APAC markets, drew levels of engagement well above those experienced by the client previously, and generated click-through rates above the publication’s website average.

What we did:

We worked closely with the investment manager’s marketing team to devise a delivery plan for each article that began with the timely scheduling of interviews with subject matter experts, and extended all the way to ensuring the final draft met all the editorial specifications of the trade publication.

Throughout, the engagement involved applying N/N’s vast financial journalism expertise to solicit targeted insights from various experts and undertake exhaustive research, and distilling the results into highly focused 800-1,200 word articles analysing the region’s fast-growing ETF investing landscape for a sophisticated audience.

N/N’s finely tuned editorial processes and deep sector knowledge meant that the articles were delivered and published on schedule and to the highest levels of quality with minimal additional input required from the client, saving them significant time and resources versus previous engagements with other suppliers. The content produced by N/N also generated exceptional levels of engagement with prospective clients, setting the stage for new commercial conversations.

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