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A leading news publisher in Asia wanted to showcase its China expertise through a series of in-depth reports on artificial intelligence, healthcare and fintech.


Harnessing N/N’s investigative journalism experience to research and write detailed explorations of China’s innovation industries, including sourcing interviews with leading experts and the creation of bespoke charts and graphics.


The company used the thought leadership as the launchpad for a new multi-channel research hub, establishing itself as a credible source of intelligence on Chinese innovation.

What we did:

Following several years focused on expanding the global audience for its news service, a leading Asian publisher wanted to build on its reputation as a source for China intelligence.

It approached N/N to create a series of thought leadership reports on industries in which Chinese companies are at forefront of global innovation, namely artificial intelligence, healthcare and fintech.

As this was a new endeavour for the publisher, for the first report we recommended conducting a content audit to assess the competitive landscape for white papers on China aimed at an international audience.

The content audit delivered analysis of 16 reports considering factors such as themes/topics; tones/approach; format; and pricing. Based on this analysis, we provided implications and recommendations for the publisher’s own white paper.

We then worked with news organisation’s editorial team to refine the report’s structure and create a list of industry experts and senior business leaders who should be targeted for interview.

Once confirmed, we drew on our investigative journalism experience to craft a 24,000-word report on artificial intelligence in China, examining the regulatory and demographic trends driving the sector. The report also includes analysis of the leading and emerging AI companies, including case studies based on interviews with key executives.

Following the success of the AI white paper, the publisher subsequently engaged N/N to write thought leadership reports on China’s healthcare and fintech industries.

As part of initial engagement, N/N also designed the layout templates for the white papers including the concepts for the cover, table of contents, and graphic.

As well as enhancing its reputation as a source of insights on China’s markets, the publisher has successfully leveraged the white papers to create a new research hub which offers China intelligence through a range of reports and multimedia content.

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