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Whether launching a thought leadership programme, devising a content campaign, or analysing your clients' behaviours and preferences, we leverage our licensed data platforms, industry expertise and digital acumen to make the connections that matter. We ensure your marketing decisions are driven by data-based insights unique to your business and industry, and most importantly, your customers.

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Publishing thought leadership without first understanding your target audience is a risky endeavour. That is why we work with clients to develop key audience personas and develop content-linked SEO strategies before they formulate new campaigns, so as to ensure the topics and themes they cover are actually addressing the interests of the readers and markets they want to reach.

Our experienced data insights team is skilled at identifying and quantifying actionable insights from multiple datasets.

We excel at:

  • Digital strategy development - powered by data and industry expertise
  • Audience research - understanding your customers' habits, behaviours, preferred channels and more
  • Content analytics - custom made dashboards, measuring content performance and success against your KPIs
  • SEO research - understanding market demand, uncovering new competitors and optimising your content for greater reach and organic discovery
  • Advertising research - helping you identify how and where to promote your content for maximum impact
  • Competitor analysis - keeping an eye on your competitors and the latest industry trends

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